How to Choose Translation Company

When we are new to something, we often make mistakes. Similar is the case, when you plan to choose a global translation company. You may not end up selecting the right vendor for your translation requirements, as there are a number of companies which deal with localization and translation. Especially, if it is your first time, i.e. you haven’t outsourced translation before; it could be a tricky task for you.

Therefore, we have mentioned some winning facts that will help you know how to choose a translation company –

1. Certified or Accredited

It is very important on your part to know whether or not the company (you are planning to hire) is certified by varied certifications, like CRISIL, ISO etc. Basically, such certifications act as a medium to define the genuineness of any organization. So, if you are just about to approach a company for authentic translation, ask the company if they have any such quality certifications. Remember that professional translation services providers never ever hesitate to show up their features, achievements and certifications.

2. Specialization: Languages

What if, the company (you have been browsing for a long time) does not deal with the language translators or languages, you are looking for? Certainly, it would be a complete time wastage. So, first of all, check out the languages offered by the company and if the source or target language is present in the list, you can then move further. Generally, an ideal company offers multilingual translation, thereby helping companies grab quality translation in multiple combinations.

3. Real or Virtual Global Offices

Often, the location of the office can be a major factor to understand how fast or easily the services would be accessible to you. During your search, you may come across a number of companies, which have real global offices at multiple locations. Such companies are generally large corporations and are very renowned in the global market. On the other hand, you may also find some companies, which have virtual global offices, i.e. the companies are based at a specific geographic location, but are available at multiple locations around the world.

4. Specialization: Industries

You need to understand that every translation company is not the right fit for you; not every translation company specializes in industry specific translation, which you are looking for. So, what’s the point in investing your time, money and other resources in a translation which does not relate to your business sector? Right? Henceforth, whenever, you are looking forward to a company, just go through its industry verticals and see if it is providing translation for your industry or not.

5. Well-Made Workflow

You may agree to the fact that nothing can reach to its desired position, if you haven’t made the proper plan or if the things are not organized. This also applies to the translation companies, i.e. if the company does not follow a streamlined workflow, it would be a signal to you that you won’t get quality translations within time. The major reason behind this is the disorganization of work.

6. Specialization: Translators

To some extent, ‘quality’ in translation depends on the talent and expertise of translators. If the team would be highly professional and knowledgeable, the translation output will certainly be world-class in terms of quality. So, while browsing the company’s website, it is always beneficial to read about the translation experts . This in turn, will help you understand the potential of the translators. Broadly speaking, a trustable company will always boast of a team that specializes in a diverse range of business sectors.

7. Core Translation Business

The business man of today desires to be multi-tasking. You may find a number of companies, which offer a diverse range of service, apart from translation. Although some companies manage the task, yet it is better to stay away from the risk element. Henceforth, you must check the core business of the company. If it is translation, you need not to worry and if it is not, you can move towards other options, as such companies often outsource some of the tasks involved in the translation procedure to third parties. This in turn, will add cost to you.

8. NDAs

A non-disclosure agreement is very important to focus on. Since, all of your confidential files (that needs to be translated) will be sent to the translation company or the translators, it would be very important on your part to see that none of your information is got leaked. For this to happen, you will have to ask the company to sign an NDA, which will assure that the translators or the company, will not reveal the information.

9. Impressive Clientele

You would definitely love to associate with a company that has worked for a number of giants or biggies in the biz world. Thus, while you are on a look out for a translation firm, check out its clients’ list , so that you can judge the work potential and credibility of the company. You can also have a little background check of the former translation projects, to be completely sure from all sides.

10. Affordability

The affordability factor is a must to look at. Although the rates are not that important, if you are getting an exceptional quality output, yet it should not be disregarded, as you may be having a specific budget limit. So, look for a company that offers pristine grade translation at very feasible rates.

Get Straight to the Bull’s Eye

In the modern age of today, when there are a number of translation vendors waiting for you, it is quite difficult to spot the right one among a pool of other similar options. However, if you have a correct approach in mind, you can hit the target and get straight to the bull’s eye. These points highlight all what you should be looking at, during your search for an ideal service provider. So, beware of companies which may fool you by wearing the lion’s skin…!!!!

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