We never thought that our history or journey in the translation business would be so smooth and inspiring for us. But, our quality approach and innovative steps helped us shine as a reputed name in the world of translation and language solutions. Thus, we feel immensely proud to share our journey with you –

As 2005 came in, we were successful in establishing a global identity in the international translation market. A major part of credit goes to our translators, who consistently delivered accurate and qualitative results at the clients’ end. They really helped us grow.
This year was also remarkable for our team, as we laid the foundation of language training at TridIndia. Our translators used to provide training or coaching (on learning and translating any specific language) to the aspiring language learners or translators.
With an expanded team, we were now able to work on more languages, i.e. we started translation for a number of languages. The figure of the languages went above 150 (both foreign and Indian languages, plus the regional dialects). Additionally, this year also marked the beginning of localization at TridIndia.
This year has been really special for us, as this is the year when we laid the foundation of TridIndia. We were just a team of 4, when we started working on a diverse range of assignments related to DTP, translation and CAD. Slowly and steadily, we expanded our team and business.
This was the year, when we took a step ahead in the world of language solutions. Just like other business organizations, we wanted to strengthen our business scope. Thus, we gathered a talented team and started providing interpretation and transcription services.
Even after providing complete solutions for translation, localization, transcription and interpretation, we felt that we were still unable to serve our clients with comprehensive language solutions. Therefore, we began to offer dubbing, subtitling & voice-over by multilingual talented experts.
By 2008, we achieved a global clientele, i.e. we now had multiple startups, non-profit organizations, MNCs, private and government sector companies in our client list. We also succeeded in delivering almost 3000+ quality translation projects, by now.
This year was another motivating year for us, as our localization services got expanded. We were now providing avant-garde localization assistance for a number of stuff, viz. software, websites, web apps, and multiple android apps.
Yet another critical year for us..!! We believe that change is the rule of the business world. Hence, we planned for diversifying our business and started an HR consultancy, which was a medium to recruit translators for multiple languages and global locations.
It happens quite often that the companies get messed up in a situation where they require pristine grade translations within an instant, i.e. in a very short time frame. Thus, to help our clients, we planned to offer urgent translation assistance within 24 to 48 hours’ time frame.
This was also a kind of diversification year for us, as we stepped into providing high quality market research services. We used to conduct research for multiple markets and also translate the research or study into diverse languages, as per clients’ needs.
By 2013, more Indian and foreign languages got included into our expertise. Thus, our dream of providing comprehensive language solutions was now successful. Our translators were now working on 200+ language pairs (including the local dialects).
Modern machineries are greatly needed to keep up with the technology. However, installing that machine (especially the imported ones) is very challenging. Therefore, we stepped forward to help companies with machine installation in their premises and authentic translation of manuals and other allied documents.
Having more than 60,000 happy customers and 1000+ professional experts, we are recognized as one of the reputed translation firms in the international translation domain. But, our journey doesn’t end here; we look forward to achieve more qualitative results in future.
This year was a great start for our HR team, as they started recruiting candidates for varied business sectors (like IT, management etc.), other than translation. This way, we were now recruiting candidates from both linguistic and non-linguistic background.


We foresee ourselves as world-leaders and trendsetters in the Worldwide Realm of Language Services. As a team of Passionate Linguists, Writers, Managers, Technical Experts and Visionaries, we strive to envision a world where language barriers are seamlessly transcended, and where companies as well as individuals can communicate effectively to multilingual audiences.


Our Mission is to continue providing World-Class Language Services to our valued clients, and constantly ourselves in terms of quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency, reliability and professionalism of all our Language-Related Services, particularly centered on our core competency of Multilingual Translation. We will constantly strive to set new benchmarks in the Global Translation Industry.

With over a decade of experience, our team of certified and native translators has been globally renowned for delivering quality translation in more than 150 languages. As a trusted language service provider, we cover diverse areas of industry expertise to help public and private sectors with all of their translation requirements. Thus, we have an admirable client portfolio that trusts us for flawless quality, fast turnovers and commitment to exceed your expectations.



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    Along with a global team of native translators, we also have a global clientele consisting of big brands and organizations from around the world.

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