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Highly trusted Dutch Translation Services by 1000+ certified Dutch Language translators, who deliver exceptional translation in 200+ language pairs for various industries, like, media, healthcare, engineering, tourism, legal, real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, technical, marketing and oil & gas. TridIndia has an impeccable track-record of providing high quality Dutch Language Translation to a large number of clients in New Delhi UAE India Mumbai Hyderabad Kolkata Chandigarh Amritsar Bangalore Chennai and other worldwide locations. Be it individuals or global organizations with multiple requirements, our team can help with comprehensive and quality results, for sure.

Our quality-oriented approach helps the brands to unmask varied benefits in the internationalized business world –

■ Hook Opportunities: The possibility to succeed in capturing a specific market increase, if you have the access to quality translation. The output delivered from our end are so precise and exact that they will help you find new growth opportunities in new segments, niches and markets.

■ Unambiguous Communication: Often it happens that the person you are talking to does not understand the real message behind your conversation. This results into improper communication, as your message might be misinterpreted. But, our translations will not let this happen to you, while you are communicating with the target masses.

■ Win-Win State: Whether it is your domestic market (where your target audience might speak on of the many regional dialects of your mother tongue) or the global target market, you will have a win-win state, whenever you wish to put forward, any piece of information (be it, in terms of website, marketing material, brands logo/message etc.).

Interesting Facts about Dutch Language (Nederlands)

After English and German, this language is the most spoken Germanic language, thereby ranking it at the third position.
The language is widely spoken in Western Europe, Caribbean, Africa and South America.
It is spoken by approximately 28 million people around the world.
The language shares varied features with German language, like the use of modal particles, three grammatical genders, similar word order and final-obstruent devoicing.
Dutch is basically the official language of the Netherlands, but, it has also gained official language status in Suriname, Sint Maarten, Belgium, Aruba and Curaçao.

Where is Dutch Spoken

Suriname Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Germany Canada United States
The Netherlands France Indonesia (Java and Bali)
Brazil South Africa Belgium
Sint Maarten Curaçao


• Northwestern (Hollandic): West Frisian, Westhoeks, South Hollandic, Zaans, Midslands, Bildts, Waterlands and Volendams, Amelands, Stadsfries and Kennemerlands.
• Southwestern (West Flemish): Zeeuws, Zeeuws Flemish and West Flemish
• Southern-central (Brabantian): East Flemish, Brabantian, North Limburgs, South Guelderish and North Brabantian
• Northern-Central (~Hollandic): Utrechts-Alblasserwaards
• Northeastern (Dutch Low Saxon): Middle Drents, Twents-Graafschaps, Achterhooks, Gronings, Kollumerlands, North Drents, Twents, South Drents, Veluws, Stellingwerfs, Urks and Sallands.
• Southeastern (Limburgish): Limburgish

Dutch Language History

It took almost 15 centuries for the early form of Dutch to develop through Middle to the Modern Dutch language. Old Dutch lasted from 6th to 12th century and is considered to be the ancestor of a distinct Dutch language. The language is said to be recorded on fragmentary relics. Salic law was the oldest record of Old Dutch. In this Frankish document, the sentence “Maltho thi afrio lito” is identified as Dutch language.

One of the most noteworthy elements that differentiate Old Dutch from the Middle Dutch is vowel reduction. In the former, round vowels are quite frequent in word-final syllables; while, in the latter, they are leveled to a schwa. Standardization of the language began in the Middle Ages in Dijon. In the beginning of the 16th century, the standardization process became much more stronger.

Another important step was taken in 1637, when the Statenvertaling was created. Statenvertaling is known to be the first Bible translation into Dutch. In 1980, Language Union Treaty was signed between Belgium and the Netherlands, according to which both of the countries were required to gear their language policy to each other.

Basic Info about Dutch Native Country

• Country: The Netherlands
• Capital: Amsterdam
• Population: 16.8 million (2013)
• GDP (per capita): 50,793.14 USD (2013)
• Currency: Euro
• Ease of Doing Business Rank: 28th
• Unemployment Rate: 7.0% (Apr 2015)
• Major Industries: Coal, electrical machinery, petroleum refining, natural gas, chemicals, food processing, electronics, petroleum and metal products

No More Translation Challenges

Now-a-days, you may find a number of translation companies, which claim to offer high quality translation. But, in reality, they face a number of translation challenges, which they are unable to cope with and thus, provide a poorly translated output. But, this is not the case with TridIndia –

Areas Of Comparison Challenges TridIndia Solution
Quality Often companies find it hard to infuse quality into the translated output. This may be due to varied factors, like inexperienced translators, no quality supervising team, bad management etc. Such challenges diminish at TridIndia. We assure the highest degree quality and accuracy, on account of our experienced translators’ team. We also have a rigorous QC of the translated output. So, you always get access a well-translated output.
Speed Assuring a speedy translation delivery is also a mess for most of the translation companies or even freelance translators. We have a full-fledged team of experienced translators, who make sure that the project is delivered within time. For large and complex assignments, the files are disturbed among the translators (fitting to that specific translation requirement). This way, even the large assignments are delivered within tight deadlines.
Communication Often most of the companies do not allow the clients to contact their project managers, while the translation work is on. This is never a challenge to us. Our clients have the freedom to contact us consistently at any point of time. We let them know the amount of work which is done till then, i.e. the status/progress of the work.

Outperform Your Competitors

The desire to explore new markets prompts entrepreneurs to come up with new business ideas, techniques, strategic investment tactics and so forth. In such a race, if you lack in the proper implementation of any of the clever tactics, you are gonna lose the race by more than hundred times. So, do not let your competitor to outperform you; rather, you should have the potential to outperform him/her (i.e. the competitor).

If you are looking forward to a global marketplace, for example the Netherlands or Belgium, you will have to make sure that not just your business strategies are avant-garde, but also they are translated well into the target (Dutch) language. Translation here, basically relates to the translation of varied documents or marketing stuff that may be used to cater to the target audience. You may have a fantastically strategized tag line for your brand. But, if it isn’t translated well, it won’t do wonders for you.

So, to expose your business to the following, you need to take translation seriously –

Increase sales
Boost customer base
Accelerate the revenue and business growth
Improve brand recognition among target customers
Gain worldwide reach

These are the basic benefits that you can have access to, if you include translation as one of the tactics in your plan of action. So, if you wish to see your business rank above than that of your competitor(s), it is high time that you should contact us for any sort of your translation requirement..!!

Enter a Global Horizon with Tridindia..!!

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Our Mission is to continue providing World-Class Language Services to our valued clients, and constantly ourselves in terms of quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency, reliability and professionalism of all our Language-Related Services, particularly centered on our core competency of Multilingual Translation. We will constantly strive to set new benchmarks in the Global Translation Industry.

With over a decade of experience, our team of certified and native translators has been globally renowned for delivering quality translation in more than 150 languages. As a trusted language service provider, we cover diverse areas of industry expertise to help public and private sectors with all of their translation requirements. Thus, we have an admirable client portfolio that trusts us for flawless quality, fast turnovers and commitment to exceed your expectations.



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