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Highly trusted Multilingual Content Moderation Services by 1000+ certified content moderators who deliver exceptional brand protection in 200+ language pairs for various social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others. We also serve different industries, like technical, marketing, medical, legal, tourism, mining, media, real estate, hospitality, engineering, life science and so forth. Our native human technocrats have years of experience in providing accurate content moderation solutions for user generated content, which may be in the form of feedback, blog post, text, video, image or reviews.

This implies that every time a customer visits your social media page, website or online community etc. he/she will get to read only relevant and user friendly content. Additionally, we offer real time content moderation or brand protection services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai Hyderabad Kolkata Bangalore Ahmedabad Chennai Amritsar Chandigarh and worldwide. In simple words, our content moderation company is the ideal platform where can grab affordable and diverse moderation solutions within proposed time frame.

Why You May Need Brand Protection Services?

Brand protection or content moderation is one of the biggest needs of every business owner today. Almost every company or brand engages with its target consumers via live chat pages, blogs, social networks, micro-sites, forums, outdoor billboards and more. This in turn, results into a huge amount of data, which gets regularly posted on a serviced website. Thus, the need to regulate the content generated by the user, increase by multiple times. Every type of content created by the user cannot be published, as they may pose a huge risk to your brand image.

The content generated by users may contain the following:

Intimidating comments
Defamatory material
Obscene content
Child abuse
Breach of copyright
Spam/off-topic comments

To cut it short, if you wish to provide a better experience to your online audience and protect your brand against flame wars or unsuitable/ spam user generated content; it is better to look for a service provider who can moderate the content with great precision.

What We Do For You?

To make sure that the clients receive comprehensive brand or consumer risk protection solutions, we perform the following with highest accuracy level and that too in multiple Indian and foreign languages –

• Video & Image Moderation : We moderate content for all types of videos and images. Therefore, you need not to worry about the creeps, who find pleasure in uploading nuisance and violence related content. Our team keeps an eye on the social channels and ensures that no objectionable stuff slips through. So, you can be rest assured that the entire bad content would be scraped off in line with the rigorous standards.

• Moderation for Social Media : We work across different social channels, to identify and eradicate every kind of risk that can hamper your brand image. Based on the criteria designated from your end, our team scrapes and filters every comment, post and other items on social media. So, whether it is about the moderation for Instagram, Facebook page or YouTube, our experts will watch over all of your social channels vigilantly.

• Chat Moderation : We provide a flawless and accurate chat moderation service with double-layers of review. Under the umbrella of chat moderation, our team locates and eliminates any bad actors, like the online predators, which use your messaging app, game and others. Further, being multilingual becomes an added advantage for our clients, as we have the potential to analyze the tone, language and style of every single chat.

• Comment & Forum Moderation : If you are looking to increase the audience engagement, community forums can be a great help. But, it won’t work for you, if any kind of spammy content is present on the forum. Keeping such facts in mind, we eliminate and risks and thus, protect audience satisfaction by monitoring for inappropriate content.

• Existing Website Content Moderation : Our team delivers exceptional quality services for moderating the existing website content and eliminating any kind of irrelevant or unwanted stuff. So, if you are looking for website content moderation, our team can definitely guide you with the same and also proof-read the content. With such services, you will make sure that your visitors come across a content that is devoid of any error.

• Outbound Social Risk Defense : At TridIndia, our team is well aware of the fact that any internal leak or errant tweet can cause a huge uproar. Henceforth, our team keeps a check on all the outbound messages from your social channels, monitors the same and reviews dozens of posts.

Social Platforms We Work On

We provide high quality content moderation solutions over a diverse a range of social platforms. Some of them are mentioned below:


Why Choose Us?

We always try to make sure that the brand is projected with a positive image so that it prospers without any hindrance. Hence, choosing us as your service provider can be the wisest decision for your brand. Apart from this, there are other reasons as well, which motivate global organizations to outsource our services –

Real time multilingual moderation
98% accuracy
1500+ content moderated and still counting
Conforms with the quality control measures
1000+ multilingual human moderators and technocrats
Cost and time savings
Minimization of inappropriate content
Encourages a safe environment for customers
Work on all social channels

Say No to Unwanted Intrusions

While you are with TridIndia, we can make sure that the online content would be safe and protected from any intimidate, spam or off-topic elements. This implies that you’ll be having a brand, which is globally safe from unwanted risks and intrusions. You will thus, be able to focus on your growth by making strategic and informed business decisions. In simple words, our services can act as a catalyst to fuel your industry growth. So, contact us today and get a safer environment for your target customers.

We will be pleased to hear from you..!!

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