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Highly trusted Transcription Services by 1000+ certified transcriptionists who deliver exceptional transcription in 200+ language pairs for various industries. Our language specialists are highly experienced and professional in converting different types of audio files into well-written text. Not just this, we can also translate the audios into ‘n’ number of languages, according to your needs and requirements. Business owners often feel the need to keep a written record of oral communication (for example, in conferences, business meetings etc.). This helps the businesses to keep track of each and every detail and info discussed orally. So, if you also want to get your audios converted into text, you are at the right place. We provide accurate transcription services in India New Delhi UAE Mumbai Hyderabad Chandigarh Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkata Bangalore and other locations worldwide.

 The Methodology

The methodology or transcription process includes a series of activities (as mentioned below) that helps us deliver quality-oriented output at clients’ end –

1. Audio Conversion

The first step is audio conversion. In this step, the initial transcripts are prepared by our experts. They carefully listen to the audio and then convert the same into text.

2. Proof Reading

After this, our proofreading experts go through the initial transcript and proof read them. In this step, our experts check whether or not any omission or error is present in the initial transcript.

3. Quality Control

The text is now sent to the quality supervisors, who check the accuracy of the language used in the text. Ideally, the language should match the exact meaning of the audio. After assessing the quality level, the final transcript is prepared.

4. Delivery

This is the final step where the transcription assignment is delivered to the client. We strictly adhere to the committed time frames. Hence, the transcription output will be sent to you within time.

Comprehensive Transcription Solutions

Transcription is used in a number of industries. Hence, we offer comprehensive and quality transcription solutions for all industries in the business world. However, there are some areas, where we are known as an undisputed service provider. They are stated as under:

1. General Transcription

This type of transcription involves converting a general audio into text. It is not limited to any specific industry. This implies that no matter, the info in the audio file relates to legal, technical or any other sector; it would be transcribed with maximum attention towards quality and meaning. Additionally, there are audios which do not contain industry-specific terminologies; they are simple conversations. Such audios are also included in general transcription.

2. Multilingual Transcription

With a talented team on board, we provide multilingual transcription in multiple Indian and foreign languages. Not just, we can convert (translate) the audio in diverse languages, but also translate the same copy of text into any number of languages you desire. This implies that we can provide you the text and audio in different languages, as per your demands.

3. Medical Transcription

We can perform transcription for all types of audio files (containing info like medico-legal reports, patient records, patient files etc.), which relate to the medical industry. No matter, it is a hospital, radiology firm or any medical/ research organization, our experts can provide you with authentic transcription solutions within the committed time frame.

4. Business Transcription

Any type of professional communication taking place between two or more parties generally comes under business transcription. Keeping this in mind, we provide transcription for all sorts of oral communication that are held among professionally associated people. The transcription involves brainstorming sessions, teleconferences, annual meetings, Q&A sessions, training workshops etc.

5. Interview Transcription

Transcription for job interviews has also become a common phenomenon. Often, companies record the interview session (held in a job fair or a walk-in), as a number of candidates apply for the same job and it becomes difficult for the employer to remember the session conducted with each one of the candidates. Hence, the companies get the audios converted into textual format and go further with the final hiring. At TridIndia, we can provide transcription for all types of interviews.

Why We Are The Right Choice?

In the world of today, every business is dealing with a high rate of competition; and so we are. But despite of the market competition, we have managed to grow and maintain our position in the global marketplace. Thus, a number of organizations believe us to be the right choice and outsource transcription services from us. Here are some of the reasons which justify this –

• 1000+ professional transcriptionists on board
• Quick turnaround time
• Human generated transcription
• ISO certified services
• 100% confidential or data security
• Multilingual transcription in varied Indian and foreign languages
• Highly affordable rates
• Support multiple file formats
• Utilization of accurate terminologies

Tailor-Made Solutions at Your Service

We aim at providing customized solutions to our worldwide clients. Hence, no matter, which industry you belong to, or which type of oral communication (speeches, interviews, lectures, podcasts, meetings etc.) you want transcription for, we will provide accurate transcription services customized to your needs. Additionally, our experts are also versed at providing verbatim and screened transcription for multiple audio files. So, contact us today..!!

Enter a Global Horizon with Tridindia..!!

TridIndia Providing Transcription Services in:

Ahmedabad Hyderabad Egypt Taiwan Goa Puducherry Manipu Russia Kolkata Gurgaon Saudi Arabia Kenya Noida NCR Turkey Pakistan Indonesia Ghaziabad Gurugram Pune Bangladesh United Arab Emirates Surat Visakhapatnam Dubai Islands Mumbai Chennai Abu Dhabi Ajman Nigeria Malaysia France Oman Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra Telangana West Bengal Gujarat Kerala Bihar Chandigarh Punjab Andhra Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Jharkhand r Chhattisgarh Meghalaya Andaman and Nicobar Bangalore United States Philippines United Kingdom Germany Canada China Jammu and Kashmir Uttara khand Australia Ukraine Karnataka Tamil Nadu Madhya Pradesh Haryana Rajasthan Assam Odisha


We foresee ourselves as world-leaders and trendsetters in the Worldwide Realm of Language Services. As a team of Passionate Linguists, Writers, Managers, Technical Experts and Visionaries, we strive to envision a world where language barriers are seamlessly transcended, and where companies as well as individuals can communicate effectively to multilingual audiences.


Our Mission is to continue providing World-Class Language Services to our valued clients, and constantly ourselves in terms of quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency, reliability and professionalism of all our Language-Related Services, particularly centered on our core competency of Multilingual Translation. We will constantly strive to set new benchmarks in the Global Translation Industry.

With over a decade of experience, our team of certified and native translators has been globally renowned for delivering quality translation in more than 150 languages. As a trusted language service provider, we cover diverse areas of industry expertise to help public and private sectors with all of their translation requirements. Thus, we have an admirable client portfolio that trusts us for flawless quality, fast turnovers and commitment to exceed your expectations.




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