Highly trusted professional translation services by 1000+ certified translators who deliver exceptional translation at $10/page* in 200+ languages for various industries. The increasing globalization and the need to communicate in different languages have significantly increased the need of translation by multiple times. Hence, whether it is a technician, business man, student, scientist, academician, legal expert or corporate personnel; everybody feels the need to translate their documents in the target language. This is the place where we come in. Being a reputed translation company in India, we deliver quality-oriented translations in multiple language pairs and for multiple industries.

Diverse Translation Types

We understand the need and importance of translation. Hence, backed by accredited human translators from different specialization areas, we provide authentic solutions for the following types of translation –

Technical Translation Resume Translation Marketing Translation
Website Translation Financial Translation Training Translation
License Translation Multimedia Translation Certified Translation
Market Research Translation Business Card Translation Document Translation
Visa Translation Certificate Translation Urgent Translation
Digital Translation Legal translation Medical Translation

Documents Translated

Our team holds immense expertise in translating all types of documents and materials used in the business sectors. Some of them are mentioned below:

Visa Passport Marriage certificate
Character certificate Death certificate Legal Documents
Technical drawings Voter ID Business card
Audio/video Brochure Immigration documents
Birth certificate Diploma Book, Magazines

Accurate Human Translation

We are into this translation industry, since a long period of time. Hence, we understand what is the right and wrong approach to deliver translation at clients’ end. We are also aware of the challenges involved in language translation. Therefore, we strictly avoid the use of machine translation. The entire translated output delivered from our end is generated by human translators, who have years of experience in this field.

Here is the difference between human and automatic translation that will help you understand the reasons why we always focus on human translation –

Area Human Translation Machine Translation
Speed The speed here depends on the specific time frames mentioned by the clients. No doubt, a computer always excels in speed related matters. However, the translated file(s) may need further editing or quality check.
Expense The expense depends on the translation company you hire. The more reliable company you hire; the more affordable translations you will get. Expenses incurred in machine translation are much higher than manual translations.
Subject matter Professional human translators generally have specialization in a wide range of subject matters or industries. If you require translation for any particular subject matter or industry, you must definitely ignore auto translation.
Volume When it comes to volume, the human translators are found to be highly capable on working over a large number of assignments, with maximum accuracy level. A machine can definitely deliver huge quantities of translation projects. But, most of them will be poor in quality.
Vocabulary Native experts have great consistency level in using vocabulary. A great amount of time and efforts are needed, if you are expecting a machine to show consistency in vocabulary,
Accuracy level Accuracy will always be assured if you outsource a reputed translation entity for your varied translation requirements. It is worthless to expect a higher level of accuracy through machine or auto translations.

With this, it is evident translation provided by a human translator is much better than from a machine or computer.

No.1 Translation Services Agency in India

It has been more than 15 years that we are serving the translation industry. In such a short span of time, we have made rewarding achievements that helped us get placed among the most recognized online translation companies in India and world. Listed below are some of the reasons why most of the global organizations trust us for any translation related task –

• ISO certified and CRISIL rated company
• 1000+ native experts
• urgent translation within 24 to 48 hours
• Pricing at $10/page*
• 60,000+ loyal business customers
• Exclusive discount offers
• Fastest turnaround
• 98% accuracy
• Guaranteed customer satisfaction
• 100% confidential and secure
• 3000+ language pairs
• Translation projects for both public and private sector
• Support all file formats

Pocket Friendly Solutions

Budget is the most important factor for a business owner. Hence, we aim at providing pocket friendly translation solutions to all of our clients. No matter, what type of translation you are looking for; how small or large your translation assignments is; we can assure you that translation would never be felt as a heavy additional cost to you, while you are with TridIndia.


Q1- What type of diverse translations you work on?
Ans: We provide multilingual translation for a diverse range of videos, image files, audios, marketing materials and other types of documents.

Q2- Which payment methods are acceptable by you?
• Bank Transfer
• Skrill
• Cash Deposit
• Western Union
• Paypal
• Cheque

Q3- Do you work on bulk translation assignments?
Ans: Yes, we do work on bulk, large and complex translation assignments. We have a sizeable translators’ team on board with us, who manage bulk assignments with utmost precision.

Q4- How to get started with translation?
Ans: You just need to follow these steps:

• Upload the source files
• A confirmation mail will be sent to you
• After this, we will send you the instant quote and the invoice
• Now, you can pay for the translation project online or through cheque, cash or bank transfer

Enter a Global Horizon with Tridindia..!!


We foresee ourselves as world-leaders and trendsetters in the Worldwide Realm of Language Services. As a team of Passionate Linguists, Writers, Managers, Technical Experts and Visionaries, we strive to envision a world where language barriers are seamlessly transcended, and where companies as well as individuals can communicate effectively to multilingual audiences.


Our Mission is to continue providing World-Class Language Services to our valued clients, and constantly ourselves in terms of quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency, reliability and professionalism of all our Language-Related Services, particularly centered on our core competency of Multilingual Translation. We will constantly strive to set new benchmarks in the Global Translation Industry.

With over a decade of experience, our team of certified and native translators has been globally renowned for delivering quality translation in more than 150 languages. As a trusted language service provider, we cover diverse areas of industry expertise to help public and private sectors with all of their translation requirements. Thus, we have an admirable client portfolio that trusts us for flawless quality, fast turnovers and commitment to exceed your expectations.




    Our Clients

    Along with a global team of native translators, we also have a global clientele consisting of big brands and organizations from around the world.

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