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3 Surprising Translation Challenges for Online Businesses

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In the modern era, when online businesses are igniting tremendously and are at a peak, the translation challenges faced by these e-commerce organizations are also catching fire at a rapid pace. The business analysts have been recommending e-commerce brands to turn into globally-conscious brands, since years. The modern customers, today, not just look for locally-based companies; rather for products that can be made accessible from anywhere in the world.

But the e-commerce organizations face certain challenges in translating content coming from various cultures, locations and languages. This directly affects the online transactions. The major translation challenges are:

1. Translation Challenge for Logistics

Logistics is one of the major translation challenge that companies face while transporting products from one place (country, state or city) to another. Whether the products are transported through rail, road, sea or air, the logistics require effective communication and that can only be achieved via error-free translations. The main example of this is Russia that holds tremendous potential to flourish in the e-commerce sector, but due to lack of effective translations and infrastructure, the consumers are novice to online purchases.

2. Translation Challenge for Communication

It is not just enough to translate the content into the target language. An e-commerce organization must follow a strategy to escalate consumer experience. For this, the companies need to take into account, the cultural nuances and local idioms of the country, city or state, where the product is getting transported. According to reports, the companies face challenges to translate documents depicting shipping arrangements and delivery time that eventually puts the organizations in the suspicion circle by the customers. This, in turn affects the transactions. The companies must start an online teaching program, in order to teach the customers on how to format their addresses for correct and prompt delivery of their purchased goods.

3. Translation Challenge for Languages

Just as the principal at school, keeps an eye on all the teachers and students, you should also have a record of the work of your translators. For ensuring the quality of translation work, you can ask for a feedback from your clients as well as from other translators. This way, you will be able to grade and rank the translators on their capability. Further, by identifying the quality contribution from each translator, you will be able to control mistakes and errors.


To wind it up all, mere translating the content into the target language is not enough; localization is also necessary in line with the target audience’s expectations and cultural nuances. Too increase sales and result in improved results, the e-commerce companies need to translate their content more than one language, so that they could cater to the needs of a larger proportion of individuals. All the challenges can be overcome if the companies conduct extensive research on the language and culture of their target customers and then translate the content accordingly.

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