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The Complete Nitty Gritty Of Financial Translation in 2015

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Financial industry; this industry requires a lot of knowledge about the current market scenarios and the basics of finance & economics. Hence, translating for this industry is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you translate (or planning to translate) the articles related to economies for Russian, Italian and other language magazines, then do you think that you have the apt knowledge about the aspects of finance, besides the hold on the target language?

Your answer might be a yes or no or even lie between yes and no. To avoid this confusion and make sure that you translate the financial news perfectly, it is necessary that you understand what the basics actually mean. According to a top-notch Russian Translation services in India; to translate financial news or articles, one must be well-versed with the economic facts of inflation, corruption, GDP, unemployment, trade practices, pricing strategies for products and so forth.


For precisely translating the news, the language can be very technical, as new words may be invented to describe the purpose. So, one needs to be up-to-date with the terminologies, jargons and varied acronyms used.


Further, as a translator, you might face different situations while translating financial information, such as:

• Financial translations relate to a number of critical issues along with confusing reports of profits and revenues.


• Misinterpretation of the entire financial data can lead to serious problems as the financial statements can be easily misunderstood by anyone.


• When it comes to social media, things get even more worse as you are supposed to grab the attention of the readers within a limited period of time. The headlines must instantly arouse interest among the readers. However, sometimes, they cannot be translated.


If such is the case, then the question arise as to how can one adapt the text as per the target culture? Well, your reader is the ultimate key to success. You must know who your reader is. He might be a professional investor or an unseasoned saver. Depending on the target, you can go further with your strategy.


Make sure:

• To stay informed

• Study the target language

• Get an insight into economics and finance

• Pay heed to cultural adaptations

• Make a habit to read the news in your target language

• • Keep tandem with questions that describe everything about your target reader, And the like



As a translator, you must make it a point that you read the financial news in your working languages, i.e. the source and target language. With this, you will understand that the language of economic and financial news is a ‘special language’. The language of news is not the same as others; it requires various factors to be kept in mind. A firm hold on this special language of financial articles and news will certainly help you in delivering authentic translation.

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