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5 Issues in Arabic Translation That Every Newbie Must Know

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If you are learning a new language, like the Arabic language to become an Arabic translator, then this information might be beneficial for you. Do you know besides the huge demand of Arabic language, this language is one of the most difficult languages to learn? That is why it is difficult to translate as well.

So, if you are a translator of Arabic language or planning to be so, then you must be aware of some of the issues that are quite spooky for every newbie translator:

1. Formatting

The formatting in Arabic translated assignments should be from right to left, but what the translators do is, that they forget to align the text in the correct text direction. Actually, the document looks fine at the first instance, but when the documents passes to the quality check experts, then due to wrong aligning of text, the entire translated text gets jumbled. This leads to improper translation.
2. Localizing

It is often hard for the translators to localize the document, as the Arabic language is not a technically rich language. Thus, while translating from a language like English to Arabic, translators often face some translation challenges. For e.g., to translate the word like calculate or compute, there exists a single word ‘Hisaab’ in Arabic. However, both the words (calculate and compute) have different meanings in English.
3. Dialects

There are a number of Arabic dialects and most of the translators are versed in just few of them. As an Arabic translator of a professional Arabic translation agency, you get an assignment belonging to any of the dialects. So, you need to be perfect in the various dialects of the said language. However, formally, modern standard Arabic is widely used.
4. Right Message

It has been found that the translators find it difficult to research in the Arabic language. Thus, their knowledge about advertising materials in Arabic language remains restricted. This, in turn restricts their competence to convey the right message with the right meaning to the target audience.
5. Grammar

The Arabic language has a very complex morphology. Thus, translators find it difficult to construct words from the basic root. The grammar rules also changes from one dialect to another. So, the vocabulary, nouns, adjectives etc must be precisely understood, in order to have a refined quality in translation.


There is no space for repeated mistakes in the business world. Hence, if you seriously wish to establish your career in the translation industry, then you need to work on some critical aspects of the Arabic language in the learning process itself. It will prepare you for the upcoming tasks.

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