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Knitty Gritty To Know Which Translation Option Suits Perfect To Your Brand

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When the question comes to our own we will always become choosy and want best from the best. Translation for business content is one among them. Especially when you are not a professional mind in particular aspect. The anxiety to opt best for business is always revolves on your mind as you never want to get something at risk. From so many options it becomes a little bit confusing for a beginner to understand what complement best with his brand since Google Translate is far better than it used to be. Looking back couple years of ago and the worth of machine translation results were still laughable due to its incompetence. So with such blunders option what next left for one to reach among the massive audience. Is there is no alternative? Today, neural machine translation has radically improved technology’s ability to produce nuanced translations very quickly. But are the results sophisticated enough for you?

Let’s dig out more dependable option to translate- which may suit right for your company and may also justify your business ethics and morals.

Machine Translation

Over the past few years, the revolution of machine translation has revamped a lot in terms of its accuracy and fast translation of the word to word. This is the biggest reason that companies like Google and Microsoft are approaching more on automatic version of translating their huge database and rapidly it has been witnessing that machines are replacing people at different workplaces and it is going to get tougher with time.

Pros– This is considered the most worthy option for those who want to channelize their time in other output and utilizing fast and inexpensive freeware like Google translator.

Cons- Quality and accuracy still raise a question here. Since no machine can ever produce emotion and understand the feeling, same the case is here machine is bundled with a myriad of inefficiency where-

  • it is impossible to localize machine for different languages
  • It can’t relate appropriate words to context
  • It fails to understand culture, slang or idioms
  • It miss the poetic, funny or persuasive style and tone

Suggestion- If your content is related to legal document and have some words with dual meaning then there is a big no-no to opt this mode to translate. Still, in any case, you find it convenient to use MT for highly-nuanced or sensitive materials, always ask a professional human translator to review. Mode of machine translation is always considered favorable for projects that require a turnaround in almost real time. So if you have a big project that competes with time then definitely go for it otherwise not this at least.

Crowdsourced Translation 

This is one such traditional method of communication that engage “crowd” or group for a common goal…Thanks to our growing connectivity, it is now easier than ever for individuals to collectively contribute — whether with ideas, time, expertise, or funds — to a project or cause…”

Pros:Crowdsourced translation is a solid way to mobilize massive communities across all boundaries and on an unimaginable scale. It potentially maximizes the probability of converting customers into stakeholders, as they’re empowered to influence the direction and identity of your brand and give it a more professional touch.

Cons: There used to be a time at past crowdsourced translation was all the rage. But there is a fact that everyone has black past the thing that matter is it’s present which seem not a common approach for a reason: It requires a bulk of volunteers to maintain the high volume of translation that global companies need on a weekly basis. Also, volunteers don’t always finish translations on time and can quit working whenever they want.

Suggestion: Proceed with caution. Whosoever you handle your project first check whether he is aware of this form or has tried this before or not. If so, have a plan to address what went wrong. And since this option is no longer “in style,” if you haven’t tried it yet, there’s probably a good reason.

Professional Human Translators

The skills of human are unmatchable with any technology. We should not forget that even the technology is also the invention of humans so how could we underestimate such brilliance. Once you get the inherent support of good translation agency you’ll never get troubled by face any inaccuracy and they will directly boost the reputation of your company.

Pros- To give a touch of emotions, culture, and feeling, a human translator will put in the finishing touches to the piece localizing and enhancing it for the target audience. This is one such frame which machine can never compete with.

Cons- Since they are humans they can vary with their speed and can be little late to their deadline. Also, they are bound by different charges which can often be expensive.

Suggestion- This can be the considerable option for every kind of business you deal in often it might lack in handover the project within certified timeframe but they definitely meet the quality you expect from them.


The good thing about each approach is that they all mix well together with your needs: everyone knows their responsibility so they give you the accurate output. Whichever route you choose, in the end, you have to know about your content essence and it impacts, know your audience, know your goal, know your budget and timeline. Then decide a translation strategy to match. You’ll be much happier with the end result.

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